Le 1515 ALS

Black Buffalo Crust
Black Buffalo CrustBlack Buffalo Crust pocket sheathBlack Buffalo Crust belt sheathDamascus & Warthog IvoryDamascus & Warthog IvoryDamascus & Warthog IvoryDamascus pocket sheathDamascus & Warthog Ivory
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The 1515 Limited Edition for ALS. The Buffalo and The Warthog.

Buffalo: 11,5 cm black buffalo crust full handle, steel Sandvik 12C27 with a nogentais reverse cutting edge, plates threaded with flower screws. Buffalo inlay on the back. Sliding blade lock, Liner-lock. Safari etching of buffalo, rhino and giraffe on the inside. Extends to 20 cm.

Also a very fine creation for ALS: A 10 cm Damascus Tradition 288 layer stainless steel (4 different stainless steels),anthill motif, blade. The handle has been made out of an ivory warthog tusk which was originally 34 cm long. Reverse Nogent cutting edge, Dupont screws, with a warthog engraved on the back of the crosspiece and a safari buffalo and rhino etching on the inner edge. Liner-lock system.

Each knive can be provided with a sheath: a pocket grainy cow leather sheath with a calf lined interior, or with a case belt made out of the same materials.

Made in France.

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